SPPAM is an application for analysis of stress periods in trees. It is an approach to developing dynamic global vegetation models by applying original functional classification of functional trees types according to the characteristics of the stress periods and according to the main type of climatic and biological climatic years.

Identification and analysis of stress periods (SPs) and differentiating their limiting influence on tree growth.

Definition of climatic years (CY) for analysis of adverse years for growth periods of model trees.

Statistical analysis and prediction of forest ecosystem response to environmental deviations.

The application identifies periods with low growth (stress periods) based on the climatic data provided and performs multiple data analyzes to provide statistical information about the surveyed tree species. The provided statistical information also facilitates the prediction of forest vegetation dynamics for longer periods in the future.

The SPPAM web application allows for the online browsing of all the computed data up to this point as well as allowing researchers to upload their data to be analysed.